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Helping You Regain Your Healthy Functions

If your elderly loved ones have been prescribed by their doctors with rehabilitative services, you have us at Plainview Healthcare Center for these. Aging and medical conditions that come along with it calls their need for new skill sets to cope with the changes. These are the rehabilitative therapies we offer:

Physical Therapy
This is to reduce your loved ones’ inflammation and pain, speed up the healing, increase their range of motion, and strengthen their muscles. They may already have started the therapy process in the hospital, but, rest assured, they receive a continuum of this therapy all the way to our facility. We utilize different methods, such as massage, electrical stimulation, exercise, heat or ice application, joint mobilization, and many others.
Occupational Therapy
The purpose of this therapy is to guide the patients toward improving or maintaining their ability to perform their daily activities, especially helping the elderly whose physical and mental health capabilities have declined. Treatment methods include practice and instruction of daily living activities, strengthening and stretching exercises, and more.
Speech Therapy
This therapy helps patients with difficulty swallowing, eating, and speaking or those with cognitive-linguistic problems, who have been through a stroke, accidents, or has progressive neurological conditions.

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